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Philipp Struss

Co-founder and CEO

Philipp Struss is co-founder of cedalo. He studied Industrial Engineering and Management (M.Sc.) at the KIT in Karlsruhe, the UPM in Madrid and the University of Cambridge with focuses on data analytics, manufacturing and Micro Electro Mechanical Sand systems (MEMS). He worked as an analyst in business intelligence (Jedox AG), as a process engineer in the sensor production (Bosch) and as a strategic consultant (McKinsey). In 2017 he founded cedalo in Freiburg (Germany) as part of a team of four.

Cedalo is empowering non-programmers to build individual apps, services and control data streams in the areas of IoT and stream processing. To achieve this goal Cedalo invented the Streamsheet technology. Furthermore, Cedalo is the official sponsor of the open-source MQTT MOsquitto Broker.
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