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  • Information on established competitive products supports identification of innovative technologies and targeted entry into new markets
  • Information about product and product environment support customer loyalty through additional data-based features
  • Targeted derivation of optimization potentials for product development based on product usage data
Customer Centred Products
New Business + Service Models
Stream 1

Dr. Christian Dölle

Chief Engineer, Head of Department Innovation Management

Werkzeugmaschinenlabor WZL, RWTH Aachen

The R&D Intelligence Center is your partner for the successful application of data in the context of R&D. In collaboration with manufacturing companies, we make structured and unstructured data accessible in order to increase innovation productivity. This includes a data-supported derivation of insights about the market, the customers and the production to derive requirements for future products as well as the facilitation of targeted development processes. The relevant data will be extracted from the market, development and production cycles. The R&D Intelligence Center organizes knowledge exchange between experts and will allow your company to take the next step in close collaboration with partners from academia and industry with the aim of - fostering a customer-centered product development and - forcing an acceleration of the product development process. In addition to an inclusion in the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem, the service offering facilitates collaborations in consortial and bilateral projects. Within our community you can participate in workshops, audits, working groups and congresses as well. Join us today and become part of the R&D Intelligence Center community!

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