Video Case Study: Seven German Words You Need to Know If you Work in Manufacturing

Fill in the form below to view the case study from Dr. John Carrier, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management sharing his insights on Seven German Words You Need to Know If you Work in Manufacturing.

In his case study, Dr. John Carrier focused on the following topics:

  • Fingerspitzengefühl: the whole point of all the new sensor data, communication channels, and rapid analysis – ties in well with the OODA loop
  • Mittelstand: a glaring gap in the US , even worse is that mid-sized companies will die if they don’t keep up – their OEMs need them on the IIoT platform
  • Takt: the system efficiency is determined by slowest function – hence Little’s Law and why WIP builds up
  • Einstellung: missing a better /creative answer due to fixed mental models
  • Heimut: your factory is not just a job, it’s your home – 5S and putting it in order
  • Torschlusspanik: don’t fall behind on Industry 4.0
  • Kuddelmuddel: hidden factory

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