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The Winner

Industry of Things World Awards 2021

The IIoT World Award exclusively honors extraordinary projects in the manufacturing industry and celebrates exceptional solutions & innovations. Our expert jury in 2021 reviewed the applications and nominated the best projects. Taking place on the main stage of the Industry of Things World in Berlin, the award ceremony brought the nominees the recognition they deserve during a live-voting session with the largest community of decision-makers from the manufacturing industry in Europe.

The Nominees of 2021

Category 1 – Combining economic success and sustainability: Using IoT to move towards carbon-neutral production

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH: socialProduction

Mercedes-Benz AG: GreenMachine

Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) IoT Multi-Tenant Platform

Category 2 - Reacting to the new normal of working during a pandemic

Andre Courchesne – Consultant: Connected CO2 sensors

Transition Technologies PSC: SkillWorx

q.beyond AG: EasyEdge – The universal solution for networking industrial machines

Category 1 – Combining economic success and sustainability: Using IoT to move towards carbon-neutral production

  • Streamlining your logistics processes with IoT for more effectiveness and a decreased need of resources
  • Monitoring and optimizing energy consumption with IIoT – based Energy Management Systems
  • Optimizing the asset live cycle with smart and predictive maintenance
  • Moving towards circular economy with the help of IIoT
  • Development of new and sustainable IIoT-based Business and Service Models
  • Optimizing your production processes to use less resources more effective

Eligible for application is every project that can name a particular case study in cooperation with a manufacturing company.

Category 2 – Reacting to the new normal of working during a pandemic

  • New IoT based solutions to keep your workforce safe
  • Working together from afar – technical solutions for teamwork in times of social distancing
  • Successful implementation of remote work and remote control with the help of IIoT
  • Adjusting to the new challenges (e.g. shut-down of productions sites, closing borders) by digitalizing supply chain and logistic processes
  • Successfully developing new service models in reaction to shifting standards
  • Changing of production lines to react to emerging new needs

Eligible for application is every project that can name a particular case study in cooperation with a manufacturing company.

Evaluation Criteria

  • INNOVATION – How innovative or unique is the approach?
  • SIMPLICITY – How easy is the project to realize and to maintain?
  • ACHIEVEMENT – What has been improved through the implementation?
  • MATURITY – Is the approach ready to use?
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – What is the balance of development costs and savings

Facts at a glance


April 2021 – August 27, 2021: Submit your project by filling in the online application form


August 27 – September 3, 2021: Our expert jury will review all the applications


September 6, 2021: The nominees will be announced and asked to prepare a short video presenting their IoT projects. The video should be submitted before September 16, 2021.


September 20, 2021: The winners of the Industry of Things Award will be announced during a live-voting session

The Winners of Industry of Things Award 2019

The proud winner of the Industry of Things Award 2019 in the category ‘Best Implementation of IIoT Technology on the Shopfloor’ was Fette Compacting and their Virtual Reality Line Clearance Training. In the second category, ‘Best IIoT Product or Service’ up2parts’ revolution of digital manufacturing was voted first place.

Congratulations to Fette Compacting and up2parts for winning the Industry of Things Award 2019!

The Winners of 2019

Category 1 – Best Implementation of IIoT Technology on the Shopfloor

Fette Compacting: Virtual Reality Line Clearance Training

There is no real VR process training today in machine building, as far as we researched. The training itself offers an amazing user experience and features:

  • for process guidance in VR from VR-Smartwatch to avatar
  • for highscore
  • for test mode incl. a certificate

2nd Place! Storaenso: Remote monitoring with virtual reality over 5G

The application of augmented reality and virtual models will in the future enable the more rapid use of maintenance information at Stora Enso mills. Using a virtual model of a machine and real-time data concerning information points, can improve the operational reliability of the mills. Through the new technology, all necessary information is easily and visually at the disposal of experts in real-time, regardless of physical location. The nearing introduction of fast 5G technology together with AR- and VR technology and 360° views will enable real-time and rapid utilisation by experts between different units, irrespective of geographical distance.

3rd Place! Modjoul: Modjoul Smart Belt

Modjoul is a data invention company for wearable technology that is focused on keeping employees safe. Modjoul is using AWS IoT to help keep industrial workers safe, whether they’re working in or out of a vehicle. In an eight-hour shift, they collect data 28,800 times per day from their connected activity tracker worn by each of their employees that includes 40 metrics including heart rate and activity level. Modjoul’s customers receive safety data 5 times faster, which leads to 30% fewer injuries and an overall increase in safety.

Category 2 – Best IIoT Product or Service

up2parts – the revolution of digital manufacturing

up2parts – a brand of BAM – currently is the only product on the market to bring together the world of classic manufacturing with the benefits of IIoT: We offer a simple, straightforward and smart alternative for purchasing individual parts. Furthermore, we produce the custom parts by machining, 3d printing and sheet metal performing with the help of our fully automated and cutting-edge machinery- everything from a single source. Up2parts increases productivity and cost efficiency.

2nd Place! HAM-LET: IoT H800- Smart Valve

All-in-One product- allowing pressure, temperature, humidity and flow precise measurement. Outstanding pressure drop measurement accuracy due to its internal sensors located right on the inlet and outlet. Inherent capability to provide predictive maintenance proposals. Wireless data transfer.

The first smart valve in the world, already implemented in various global companies at critical process points, allowing simple access to data and operation, increasing safety and decreasing total cost of ownership. A key for unlocking industry high value challenges!

3rd Place! Honeywell: ControlEdge™ PLC

ControlEdge™ PLC is a next-generation controller enabled with IIoT protocols for connectivity to range of industrial and subsea devices. Industry’s leading connectivity and security makes ControlEdge™ PLC suitable for IIoT applications. It offers unprecedented connectivity using embedded open protocols listed above on a powerful controller. Multi-protocol support and flexibility in network architecture makes it an engineer’s preferred product. The product adopts Industry 4.0 recommended protocols for multivendor devices and controllers integration to solve challenges faced by process OEMs and end users.

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