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Philippe Lambinet


Senior Executive in the Semiconductors and Electronics sectors, with a proven track record in developing successful large businesses both in startups and large multinational corporations

More than 38 years of experience in the Semiconductors, Computer and Electronics industry. Top management experience both at large multinational companies such as STMicroelectronics and in start-ups. Before Cogito, I co-founded 2 companies in Geneva in the Digital TV and in the Semiconductor spaces. Both had successful exits, one went to IPO and the other one was sold to a tech giant. At ST, I was at the origin of several key success stories. In particular, I initiated the business with Nokia in the early 90's. We went from 0 to more than $2B sales in a few years. Then, I led the Digital TV business from a few $M in1997 to more than $1B in 2000. I have experience in leading international teams, in scaling businesses and in delivering innovation.

What is the pop in your job? What drives you? What is your passion? "I love to bring to market innovations that make a significant difference in the life of my customers. I am driven by the challenge of convincing customers to adopt my products, convincing the best talents to join the team, convincing investors to come on board and convincing my family that the long hours are worth the effort. I am driven by the success of my customers. My best work has always been done when I was making my customers successful thanks to the benefits of my products. I have a passion for technology and in particular for data processing and computer science technologies."


Cogito Instruments

Cogito Instruments gives intelligence to machines. We enable real-time embedded machine learning at the edge of the network without the risks and limitations of Cloud-based AI. Unlike any other ML technology, our products can learn “on the job”. Precious data stays local and our customers keep full control of their data and expertise.
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