Applying Scanias modular thinking to large scale of IoT-Projects

This presentation explores the challenges and learnings in scaling IoT tools in industrial manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of OT/IT collaboration and competence. It discusses the limitations of IoT solutions and presents Scania’s Modular approach as a potential solution. Additionally, it highlights the advantages and disadvantages of scalable IoT solutions and explores the potential of knowledge graphs to enhance insights in conjunction with IoT.

  • Learnings from trying to scale IoT tools in industrial manufacturing
  • Importance of OT/IT collaboration & competence on the shopfloor
  • Realizing the limitations: from developing to purchasing services
  • Scanias Modular way of thinking, applied to IoT
  • Conceptual overview of a scalable IoT solutions
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Evy Svensson

System Developer IoT & Agile Delivery Lead
Scania CV AB

Robin Törnblom

IoT Developer
Scania Smart Factory Lab


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