Securing IoT Sensor data from the measurement to the cloud using trusted computing on constrained devices

With billions of smart devices connected to the internet, a single point of failure in a network can mitigate devices located all around the world, potentially compromising private data or intellectual property or even leading to catastrophic failures of critical infrastructure, not to mention, damages a companies reputation. In this talk we will give an introduction to the security features utilized by modern microcontrollers, such as, Trusted Execution Environments with focus on ARMs TrustZone. We present available frameworks and procedures to develop modern applications on TrustZone enabled devices and draw some possible future use cases. To put this into context, we will give a short analysis of different:

  • IoT architectures and their availability in frequently used Real Time Operating Systems
  • How we secure our industrial IoT sensors with Trusted Execution Environments
  • Importance of the IoT Security

Torsten Labs

Technology Professional – Sensor System Integration & IoT
Siemens AG

Christian Spinnler

Research Manager Sensor Systems, IoT & Embedded Security
Siemens AG


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