5G for Smart Manufacturing and the Smart Integrated Assembly

Throughout all manufacturing industries, the challenges we are facing are often the same: The fast-changing demand from end customers requires an increased production mix and a need for more flexible production which means systems becoming more complex. The Smart Integrated Assembly is our answer to these needs. It is the Atlas Copco way to Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. In the Smart Integrated Assembly people and systems interact continuously. Data and integration of systems is key to be able to make correct decisions at every point. During this session you will learn about

  • The Smart Integrated Assembly
  • The importance of flexibility and reliable wireless communication
  • How different communication technologies addresses different needs and complement each other
  • Why 5G cellular technology can make the whole difference for the Smart Integrated Assembly

Ola Arnrup

Senior Global Product Manager 5G
Atlas Copco Industrial Technique

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