Transition towards Public Cloud - A Search for Values within IoT

There are always growing pains associated with new technology—and the cloud is no exception. Many companies have made big investments but have been disappointed with the results. But giving up is not really an option: the cloud could generate as much as millions in value over the next decade and getting it right is a matter of urgency. Moreover, this is not simply a matter of potential. Companies that have seen success with their cloud strategies understand something their peers don’t: where the value really is and what it takes to grab it. Eric Chinchilla will discuss some of the ideas that could be improved in the companies by moving on from a public into private cloud and accept this agile transition. Accordingly, some of the benefits are:

  • Optimization of economy
  • Investing to build business value
  • Focus on transition

Eric Chinchilla

Cloud Value FinOps & Network Mgt Leader


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