Industrial IoT, GPT-Cloud-Security – Security Risk or Unprecedented Opportunity?

The cloud has brought about fundamental changes in recent years. Especially, novel GPT functionalities have been supporting businesses in managing their cloud-integrated processes. This presentation highlights how to address security risks associated with the use of GPT functionalities, ranging from data security and compliance to the potential for misuse. Furthermore, this presentation will explore the intersection of GPT functionalities and IoT, exploring the security implications and opportunities that arise from their integration. The talk will shed light on how these cutting-edge technologies can be harnessed to enhance IoT security and create new possibilities for businesses. The following aspects take center stage:

  • What are the threats associated with the utilization of such solutions?
  • How can the security of outsourced data be ensured?
  • What measures can be taken to prevent both external and internal misuse of GPT functionalities?

Roger Klose

Global Head of OT Security
Merck KGaA


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