Unleashing the Power of Industrial IoT - Driving Sustainable Manufacturing with Siemens Energy's Connected Factory

Join us for a deep dive into the world of Industrial IoT as a driver of sustainable manufacturing at Siemens Energy. Our presentation will showcase “Connected Factory”, our serverless IoT solution, and its deployment across our global manufacturing network of more than 80 factories. We will highlight the significant role of machine learning in analyzing and optimizing machine and process data, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact. As part of our presentation, we will take you:

  • Through our journey of pilot rollouts in multiple factories distributed globally
  • We will give insights into applications of autonomously guided vehicles, image recognition and condition monitoring
  • You will get firsthand insights into how Industrial IoT can be effectively integrated in diverse operational environments to bolster both productivity and sustainability.

Gerd Zimmermann

Global Business IT Head of Grid Technology Products
Siemens Energy

Mario Pilz

Program Manager Industrial IoT
Siemens Energy


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